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 Intel 9XX chipsets aren't exactly a first preference when a consumer is looking for a rig capable of delivering outstanding

gaming performance. However, the up till now obsolete 9XX chipset has been given a new lease of life thanks to

a small community of dedicated chipset gamers.


Out to prove the ATI and nVidia fanboys wrong, a small group of loyal 9XX gamers gathered together in

order to try and suck every last drop of gaming power from their chipset machines.


Shortly after the group had been formed, the small community had two major breakthroughs in 9XX

gaming:The introduction of a clever piece of software called 3D Analyze, currently in version

2.36b, gave much needed hope to the 9XX community. With it, the community could now actively

emulate much more complex graphical processes such as Hardware Transform and Lighting (HW TnL) as well

as newer Pixel Shader support to name but a few. The results of this small, 3rd party application amazed the 9XX community, yielding outstanding results. Previously unplayable and complex sandbox games such as Far Cry were now not only able to run without crashing, but playable with acceptable frame rates.


 An alternative to 3D Analyze was found later in the 9XX community's lifetime when one member discovered how to edit windows registry settings to achieve similar results as 3D Analyze but often with better in game frame rates. This discovery was deemed the 'addgame.reg' Tweak after the name of the file used to edit Windows registry settings. Once again, the Intel 9XX community seemed to laugh at the rest of the gaming world.


Of course, 3D Analyze and the 'addgame.reg' Tweak could not work their magic on every game. This is where SwiftShader came into play. SwiftShader, another 3rd party solution, consists of two modified .dll files which, if placed into a game's installation directory, can make seemingly hopeless games run on Intel 9XX chipsets without the dreaded crash or even worse, BSOD... Although resulting frame rates were in most cases unplayable, the breakthrough once again proved that Intel 9XX chipsets really did have the potential for true gaming power.


So for all you ATI and nVidia fanboys out there who just want the 9XX chipset to die, don't count on it, because with the on going work of the dedicated, brilliant and defiant 9XX gaming community, it'll be around for a while yet.





When everything seemed to be over for the best selling chipset of the story of the mankind, the Intel 945 chipset... the

revolution begun, modded drivers came to save the live of the

The Intel 9XX Gaming Community Unleashes the True Power of Intel 9XX Chipsets

  written by nash93

  written by MAD_BEAST

Modded Drivers = REVOLUTION