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3D Analyze v2.36b

Swiftshader v2.01

Modded Drivers


3D Analyze is a tool which emulates transform and lighting and can in some cases allow games to run which otherewise would not. The tool is highly configurable and is a tried and tested method of allowing games to run on Intel chipsets.


For further details on how to use 3D Analyze check the topics in the Tutorials section.

Swiftshader tries to emulate full graphic processes such as pixel shader support, floating, rendering, stenciling and more. It can therefore be used to try and run some games with which 3D Analyzer does not solve the problem. However, in most cases the resulting framerate is deemed unplayable.


For further details on how to use Swiftshader check the topics in the Tutorials section.


Modded drivers are usually the most important factor in game performance on Intel chipsets. It is highly recommended that you install modded drivers for the best performance in any game you play on your Intel chipset. Choose your operating system below to download the right driver for you:

'addgame.reg' Tweak

The addgame.reg tweak edits registry settings on your operating system in order to achieve similar results as 3D Analyze (emulating HW TnL) without having to run a third party program whilst playing the game. Results can vary but in most cases a performance increase can be seen.


For further details on how to use the 'addgame.reg' Tweak check the topics in the Tutorials section.


Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

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GMABooster v2.0c

GMABooster is the world's first and only perfomance boost solution for Intel 9XX Chipsets. Offering up to an astonishing 2.4x of extra processing power for your computer's integrated graphics engine, GMABooster is a must have tool for every 9XX user.


For further details on GMABooster visit the software's homepage at: