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Intel 9XX Gaming

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The Home of Intel 9XX Gaming - Your #1 Resource for everything 9XX

The Home of Intel 9XX Gaming is a resource for any Intel 9XX gamer using Intel chipsets such as the 945, 915 and 965.


You can find useful downloads and articles to help you get gaming on your chipset so check back regularly for all the latest news and downloads!


The friendy, helpful community here can also help you get on your way to gaming on your Intel chipset so head over to the Forums if you have any questions.


Latest Intel 9XX News

Welcome to the brand new Intel 9XX Gaming website. This website will pretty much continue from the Google group but now we have a real place for the community to call home.


The cleaner, more proffesional look also makes navigating the website much easier so should hopefully cause less hassle when looking for information about Intel 9XX resources.


As of yet there is still work to be done but hopefully some time in the near future the Intel 9XX community can migrate here to their new home.

Great news for all Intel 9XX Gamers. Intel has recently released the official Windows 7 drivers for Intel chipsets and sure enough members of our community quickly began work to mod the drivers.


After extensive work from AngelicTears with help from MAD_BEAST and KingPin, the newest Modded Drivers for Windows 7 are finally here. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Downloads section to get it now!

Launch of the new Intel 9XX Gaming Site!

The Windows 7 Modded Drivers are here!

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