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We all know how WIN7 Beta has changed 9xx's performance, but i wonder if what we got with beta versions is all? .... should we expect for something else? or is this almost done? better things on the way or thats it?

Hope Microsoft has some thing to release with the retail version of Windows 7, its suppoused that a Beta version is the "under construction" version of the software, but know knows how different its going to be?


one thing to keep in mind, no matter how well WIN7 works, games that require Shader Model 3.0 wont work in theory... but some optimistic said that Windows wrap which is not available with WIN7 beta and RC versions is going to let 9xx to use the processor as rendering device.

Hope they are right cause 9xx will be out of date including the  x3100 (965) which is on the edge with a supported Shader  model  that is not enough to run most of the new games, all of them require SM 3.


We are running out of chances, only a couple of alternatives remain and both are out of range becuase are not even available.... its just matter of time





What we gonna do now?

what if WIN7 isnt what we were expecting?


we have two posibilities to continue our gaming legacy with the 9xx:





Both are not available


The 1st is a new online gaming sytem based on servers service




Windows 7 our savior?

End of the beginning